Des secrets inattendus cachés dans les peintures
Les peintures et les fresques ont toujours éveillé l’esprit des scientifiques et des historiens
Construction des maisons avec des bouteilles en plastique
« Quand j’ai commencé à construire, les gens ont pensé que j’étais fou », a-t-il déclaré.
This library is home to hundreds of night workers who protect old books
The Juanina Library in Portugal employs highly unusual night workers to protect old books
Artists have transformed an old cardboard into a sculpture of lions
New York artists are the kind of people who can turn any nonsense into
A 92-year-old Czech grandmother turned an entire village into a work of art
Age is just the number in the passport. Even in retirement, there is always
A man spent $6,000 to turn back time at his house
ack Walters lives in the UK and is a die-hard fan of the 90s
Artist Takes a Critical Look at Modern Society and Draws Attention to Today’s Issues with His Illustrations
Alireza Pakdel, 40, is a cartoonist, illustrator, and art director. His work mainly explores