A man stopped a highway full of racing cars because he saw a kitten crawling on the road

In the morning, a young man from Hong Kong named Kwok Kin-wai, or simply Kevin, gets on his motorbike and sets off. The streets were littered with cars, then there was a big freeway, which he took.

Just as he enters the tunnel known as Lion’s Rock, something flashes in Kevin’s eyes – a red blur that shouldn’t have been on the road. Looking closer, the boy saw a kitten crawling slowly somewhere.

The man pulled over to the side of the road as quickly as possible and ran towards the cat. All the while the poor guy was being dragged by the cars right above his head and the cat had no idea where to escape from them… No one knew how no tires had touched the cat – no one knows yet.

Perhaps the cat was born on a lucky day, because in the morning in this area there are an incredible number of cars, people rush to work and do not look. The less time Kevin had left to achieve his goal, the more anxiety grew in his heart.

He kept thinking that now when the animal was only a few dozen meters away, someone was bound to come after him. Once or twice, when the animal hid under a beggar’s car, the boy’s heart « skipped a beat », but it was all over.

Finally, the boy had caught up with the cat, but how to stop all this crazy traffic, flying at cosmic speed? Kevin almost had to throw himself in front of the cars, because no matter how much he waved his arms, it was as if he wasn’t noticed.

Eventually, a nice man arrived and stopped the car in time, so Kevin ran to the redhead and hugged him, shaking in fear. After clearing the pavement, the boy examined the cat. He was afraid that she had been hurt, that someone had hit her, but at first sight, she was in one piece.

Once on the motorbike, Kevin changed plans and drove to the nearest veterinary center, where he handed over the rescued cat to specialists. The baby was checked and found to be perfectly fine, just scared and hungry.

Kevin had no doubts about what he was going to do with the baby – fate brought them together, and he wasn’t going to give up on the cat. The baby, named Lion, went home. Even though the man had never kept animals before, he was eager to learn the hard work.

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