A mysterious stranger hiding from the storm

A few days ago, Julie Thorton Johnson woke up in the morning to find a mysterious stranger sleeping in her bed. Between Julie and her husband was a large dog that the couple had never seen before.

The Johnsons have three dogs and occasionally lay down briefly in their owners’ beds, but that morning they were all asleep in their daybeds.

« My husband said, ‘Julie, whose dog is that?’ I turned around and for the first ten seconds, we just looked at each other. Then I said, ‘That’s not our dog.’ recalls Julie Johnson.

So Julie hugged the pooch really hard, then tried to find an address tag on his collar, but she couldn’t find it.

The couple believed the unknown dog got lost in a severe overnight thunderstorm and wandered into their home through the ajar door in search of a safe haven.

« She just saw the open door and walked in. » – said Julia. Assuming the dog had owners, Julie took a few pictures of him and posted them on social media.

A few hours later, the woman was contacted by the owner of the shaggy guest, who told her the dog’s name was Nala and that he hadn’t held on to his leash on a walk the night before. Unable to find her way home when the storm hit, Nala took refuge with strangers.

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