A pit bull and its best friend

A pit bull owner named Peggy brought home a baby magpie. At first, the four-legged creature was reluctant to welcome the newest member of the family, but today they are best friends.

Juliet was walking in the park with her pit bull when she saw a baby magpie in the grass that had fallen from its nest. The chick looked terrible, as its feathers, which were just beginning to emerge, were covered in quills, dirt, and chaff.

The woman called her husband and decided to observe if the chick could fly away. Later, they realized that the little magpie would rather be picked up by a dog or a cat than fly up into the sky. Juliet decided to bring the baby home.

She fed the magpie special bird food and decided to introduce her to Peggy the pit bull. The dog was an interesting little creature, but she was terribly scared. According to her owner, Peggy had been attacked by magpies before, so she knows how sharp their beaks are.

Thus, when the bird approached the quadruped, the latter immediately jumped. She did not, however, try to hide or attack.

When Molly recovered and grew up, Juliet decided not to restrict her freedom. The magpie can come and go as it pleases. Sometimes she can be away for several days, but she comes back to the family.

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