A street cat became affectionate and kind thanks to a friendly dog

Street cats are often suspicious. And it’s not surprising. After all, many of them have only known cruelty and neglect.

Banksy, a black and white pregnant cat, was also very sour and suspicious of everyone. It’s worth noting until she meets the folks at Salty Animal Rescue and a dog called Nood.

Once in the center, the cat did not let anyone touch her and hissed as soon as she saw a human hand approach her. One of Salty Animal Rescue’s dogs came to the rescue.

It was his kindness and openness that helped Banksy become kind and calm, and get used to being touched by strangers. These changes allowed center staff to properly care for the mother cat and her kittens writes Inspiremore.

When Banksy discovered that the people and animals around her meant no harm to her and her kittens. She eventually mellowed and became a very affectionate and playful kitten.

The feline family is now doing very well. So Salty Animal Rescue will soon be looking for homes to take them in permanently. « Now they are inseparable friends. I love them very much and can’t imagine my life without them. They are very kind and friendly towards each other. » Add the owner.

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