Dresden’s animals’ shelter dogs can’t find a new home easily

A total of 359 animals could be placed. 78 dogs, 144 cats, 157 others such as birds, » reported Mayor Detlef Sittel (55, CDU), animal shelter manager Florian Hanisch, and the deputy of the Dresden official veterinarian.

But new animals keep arriving – be it as a find, from animal smuggling, or because the owners can no longer do it. Therefore, animal parents are constantly being sought.

While cats quickly find a new home, dogs falter. « Because you have to work with a dog, » emphasizes Meissner. The three-year-old muscle pack of the Kampfhund brand may only be used with an expert test.

completely different from « Chazzy ». The cuddly Bolonka Zwetna fur ball fits in every handbag. Chazzy is playful as only a dog of his breed can be. Every human guest of the shelter is greeted by him jumping happily.

Unfortunately, the regular guest is « Opitz ». He has lived in the home since 2014. Although he was placed in 2020, he was soon back because he was terrorizing his new host family. « He immediately played the boss, » reports Meissner.

For these and many other initiatives, the facility still relies on contributions and estates. Citizens, on the other hand, are already occupied: According to Sittel, around 26,000 euros in donations were received in 2021.

The entire value of estates benefiting or benefiting the animal refuge has now exceeded 1 m. euros.

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