The cat ran to the police station and asked for help

Like everywhere else, police officers in South Korea vary. Some even slack off when it comes to helping people, while others take the time to save animals. One day, a cat ran into the police building, and the officer at the entrance noticed it.

He seemed to look him in the eyes, urging him to follow him. Actually, it was against the rules, but the man went for it. The policeman didn’t follow her just because she called him. He was an old acquaintance, who used to run around the police station a long time ago.

She got along well with the guards, they even fed her from time to time. Once the cat gave birth to kittens, but bad luck struck. South Korea is a very densely populated country and car traffic is never interrupted for a minute.

She lost some of her kittens under the wheels. It happened right in front of the police station and the police officers knew about it. After the incident, the cat ran away and never appeared again.

Now the animal has come running back to the police. The policeman followed her, but she didn’t have far to go, and soon she led him to the bushes, where four little kittens were waiting for their mother.

Remembering the sad incident that had happened to the previous kittens, the sentry couldn’t leave the little ones there, especially since the cat kept staring into his eyes over and over again. He collected them all and headed for the room, followed by the mother cat.

His colleagues gave him a box in which he placed the kittens. The kittens lived with their mother and were under police surveillance. The kittens grew rapidly, they were always fed and kept warm.

Four kittens are not easy. Sometimes the mother cat lacked strength, she hid and quietly fell asleep somewhere in a secluded place. The tutor would temporarily resume his duties.

He even found time to play with the kids in the parking lot. It was in such a climate of trust that they grew up. The kittens had different fates: some were adopted by the police, and others were given to good people by way of announcement.

The kittens were chosen to be the mascot of the police station and have remained there. The police had previously pooled their money and arranged for the cat to no longer bear kittens for them, as she was fed up with motherhood.

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