Elderly Cat Persuades His New Owner To Return To The Shelter And Take His Even Older Friend Back

Friendship is a powerful feeling, especially when you’ve lived with your mate for a long (in this case, by feline standards, of course) life. And our today’s heroes spent more than 10 years in the same house – a very long time, if you agree.

Mojo, an 11-year-old cat, and his companion Max, 16, have spent many years together. They were always together, they became such good friends that they couldn’t live without each other. One day, the owners could no longer keep the old cats, so they ended up in a shelter. The cats were kept in separate cages and very much missed each other.

There was not much hope of the animals being adopted. And it was out of the question for anyone to take them both, because the age of the cats has already left its mark on both living conditions and their health. It alway

discourages people. But Mojo, the younger of the two, found owners, and the cat went home to a woman. She was told the story of the strong friendship between Mojo and her mate, but of course she didn’t want to take both. The

woman’s new cat, contrary to her expectations, seemed even sadder than in the shelter. She even had the impression that he was melting before her eyes. Also, Mojo’s cat sometimes seemed to swear. He lay down, looked at the woman with sad eyes and « groaned » quietly.

It would be funny if it weren’t so sad. Nevertheless, the woman was very fond of the cat and did not think of bringing it back to the shelter. On the contrary, thoughts aimed at driving Mojo’s companion away began to appear, and more and more each day.

Anyway, the shelter staff were surprised to see the same woman who had asked them for another animal, a cat named Max.

So Mojo and Max were together again. They have become themselves again, their boredom and sadness have disappeared, and now the two elderly people will live their lives in peace with love and care.

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