Father gives his kidney to son so he can have a normal life

Oliver Keighley, 4, can swim in the pool and jump on the trampoline for the first time in his life. All thanks to his father John Keighley, who donated his kidney. Shortly after birth, the little one was diagnosed as suffering from chronic kidney disease and only a transplant of a healthy organ could rescue him.

When Oliver’s father found out he was a compatible donor, he didn’t hesitate to accept the operation in order to give his son a chance at a normal life. The pandemic long delayed his kidney transplant, which finally took place last month, Metro says.

« The transplant went smoothly. I’m so happy that I went all the way to give life to Oliver. Now he thinks I’m a real superhero. The whole process was very nerve-wracking, but the important thing is the end result, » – says John Keightley.

Thanks to the operation, Oliver will be able to live almost as well as other little ones his age. We are thrilled. John is a real hero for Oliver. I’m so proud of them both. We can finally say goodbye to weekly dialysis. Oliver has so brave.

« He’s been through so much, but it’s made us stronger as a family. We’re so happy he’s home now, » says Kat, Oliver’s mum. Now Oliver won’t have to spend most of his time in the hospital and he can be at home, walk and play like a normal kid.

However, after the transplant, he will need to take immunosuppressive drugs to prevent him from rejecting the new organ.

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