Goldfish suspended in the water bucket

An unknown person has exposed goldfish in the cleaning water bucket of a gas station in Grevenbroich on the Lower Rhine.

« At first I only saw dirt floating in the bucket and therefore wanted to change the water, » said the gas station tenant
« When I got my hand into the bucket, I was really scared because the fish was a bit bigger. » Four large goldfish were frolicking in her bucket.

As it turned out later, the « dirt » was fish food that the stranger had poured into it. She started phoning and at some point, the head of the Grevenbroich regulatory office personally picked up the fish and the bucket: « I’ve never experienced anything like this, » said Thomas Lemke.

Because the local animal shelter does not accept fish, Lemke gave them to a local ornamental fish expert. Meanwhile, the scaly quartet cavorts in the garden pond of his father-in-law in Kaarst near Neuss.

The lessee said she was very happy that the fish were doing so well. Meanwhile, she has spent hours studying her security camera footage to see who left her the unusual « gift. »

« But unfortunately the garbage can is exactly between the bucket and the camera. I can’t tell who put something in the bucket and who put something in the bin. » She has now gotten her bucket back – without goldfish.

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