How a Kitten Found a Family and Became a Dog’s Best Friend

A cat on a farm gave birth to kittens, then disappeared. A woman named Clara, who lived near the farm, took in one of the kittens.

The kitten was beautiful, tricolor, and very affectionate. Goenka (that was the name of the kitten) was fed milk using a syringe, and around the age of 2 months, when he became more independent, he was given liquid food.

At 3 months old, the skinny kitten was a well-fed, active kitten who had explored every nook and cupboard in the house. When Goenka grew up, Clara decided to introduce her to another pet in the house.

That dog was Rachel, who also lived in the house, but at first, she kept him in another room so he wouldn’t see the kitten. Clara didn’t know how the dog would react to the kitten if they were going to become friends.

The dog was big, and Clara worried that Rachel would accidentally crush Grenka with her weight. So as soon as Grenka got robust, Clara decided to introduce them.

Rachel and Crouton’s introduction went well, first, they sniffed each other, and then Rachel started licking the kitten, showing her cuteness. Clara was delighted that they had become friends and that her worries were over.

Every day Grenka looked at the image of Rachel exiting to use the bathroom and after a few days, Goenka started doing the same, which was very convenient for the owner.

Goenka repeated after Rachel absolutely everything, he climbed into the garages with her, met Rachel’s friends, and chased the other cats. Goenka seemed to think he was a dog and didn’t even realize he was born a cat.

Every time Clara walked Reichel, Grenka walked with them. Goenka never tried to run away, she always walked with her mistress wherever they went. Goenka was beautiful and unusual, during walks he was never left without the attention of other people.

Clara was very fond of her pets and gave them a lot of attention. This is how Goenka became the dog’s best and inseparable friend.

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