In the Odesa region, in the village of Fontanka, on the beach, live foxes who are not at all afraid of people

In the Odessa region, in the village of Fontanka, on the beach, live foxes who are not at all afraid of people. The animals are eager to make contact, but zoologists have reservations about this « friendship ».

The foxes have been living on the beach for six months and have become accustomed to humans. The latter feed them with their hands and even photograph them.

Foxes are not afraid of people at all The foxes live on an artificial beach on the Fontanka River, about twenty kilometers from Odessa. They settled in the middle of the rocks that fortify the shore against the waves.

They are fed by people and also visit local establishments in search of food. Foxes in Odessa practically eat by hand Zoologists warn people against such « friendship ».

Odesa Zoo director Igor Belyakov said there is indeed a growing fox population in Ukraine. The animals were spotted at the Kovalevsky dacha, Luzanivka, Kryzhanivka, and other nearby villages of the Odessa region. They don’t cause many inconveniences to people.

However, depending on the interests of the fox, it is better not to try to befriend him or feed him. In this way, we are rendering a service to the wild animal, – said the zoologist.

He argued that it is a very plastic, intelligent, and cunning species. Foxes get used to different conditions and will always find food on their own. « It is not good to accustom them to contact with people, » said Igor Belyakov.

What you need to know about foxes Red foxes live all over Ukraine. Although they are typical predators, they feed on a variety of food – more than 400 species of animals, not including several dozen plant species.

In addition, animals are characterized by infectious diseases such as rabies, plague, and itchy mange.

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