Is there another happy end?

He came from Romania and was hoping for a happy ending in Germany, but things turned out differently! Because the dog Albano received a bad diagnosis – one that pulled the rug out from under the feet of the Oelzschau animal shelter.

When the pretty mixed breed with the white fur moved into the facility in the Leipzig district last October, it initially seemed as if everything would be fine.

Albano, who had previously lived at the partner animal shelter Smeura near the Romanian capital Bucharest, quickly settled in and trusted the staff, according to a Facebook post from the shelter. « There were even people interested in adopting Albano. »

But then the shock: The vet diagnosed a so-called sticker sarcoma, a malignant tumor. The dream of a new home is over – at least for the time being! Instead, Albano, who at almost four years old is in the best dog age, must now undergo exhausting chemotherapy.

But there is also good news: « The chances of recovery are quite good, so that the doctors speak of high chances of success, removing the tumor completely to be able to. »

That’s why we still have the hope that Albano can be released into a happy home in a few months, completely healthy. Treatment begins next Thursday. « We hope that Albano will be able to process and digest them well. »

Unfortunately, such treatments always mean high costs – in Albano’s case they are at least 1,500 euros. An amount that represents a great burden for an animal protection association.

That’s why the animal shelter launched an appeal for donations: « We, therefore, ask all animal lovers and sponsors of the Oelzschau animal shelter for financial support in order to be able to finance Albano’s treatment. »

Since the call, so many donations have come in that the amount needed for Albano’s complete treatment has already been collected. « We would like to thank you very much and in all forms for your donations and your sympathy in Albano’s fate. »

Of course, all donors will continue to be kept up to date on Albano’s health via Facebook.

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