Leave your dog alone, A very serious mistake by the owners that leads to pogroms and shouting

It’s amazing that many people don’t know this seemingly simple rule and continue to behave with their dog as if he has nothing else to do in life… And the rule is simple: let your dog be quiet and let him live in peace! How does it work? Let me tell you.

There are owners who constantly touch, pet, and cuddle their dogs and talk to them all the time, especially small breeds, of course, but this mistake is often made by people raising puppies.

A dog has no privacy, he is either in his arms or with his master. Failing to teach your dog to be discreet and mind his own business is a big mistake.

The same goes for chasing: if your dog follows his master everywhere and can’t take his eyes off him, he must be taught how to do it, and in no case reward, pet, or reinforce this behavior!

Why is this so important? Let me explain: the dog becomes nervous and anxious and thinks that he is your life’s work and that you are not happy without him.

You create a banal dependence on you and your constant attention, and the animal’s brain does not rest in a state of anxiety.

It is very difficult for these dogs to be left alone at home – once the owner is out of sight, the dog does not know what to do, how to rest, or how to play on its own. A common problem after the holidays, by the way, be careful!

What must be done: It is necessary and important to teach your dog to be in the house, in the pen, in the yard – anywhere – without you.
At home, you need to provide your dog with a place where he can be alone and where no one else bothers him.

Do not encourage petting, cuddling, or talking when your dog follows you or wants to play intrusively. Once he realizes that anything can be done by being pushy, he will manipulate and lure you.

Don’t touch your dog, talk to him, or excite him all the time. They’re tired, they’re stressed, they can’t say no to you and they need their privacy, don’t break it.

Teach your dog that communication is always initiated by you – it’s the right thing to do and your boundaries are important to a healthy relationship.

The important thing is to understand and accept that you are not a toy, but a creature that needs its own space and its own time.

It’s especially important to make this clear to children, as neurotic, high-strung, unstable dogs tend to grow up in families with children who don’t understand the limits of a dog’s personal space.

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