A man starts a new life after meeting a woman

Until a few months ago, a resident named Kenneth Smith was homeless and unemployed. But that all changed after a friendly stranger gave him a gift card to Outback Steakhouse so the man could have his own lunch.

She asked me if I was okay and I told her. « No, I’m not fine now. » – Kenneth remembers. Eager to help, the stranger bought Smith a $100 gift card so he could have his meal.

After eating, the man felt much better and spoke to Laura Hodges, the manager of the steakhouse. He talked about his life and also mentioned the woman who bought him lunch.

Kenneth started coming to the steakhouse for lunch regularly, and five months later decided to ask Laura for a job in the restaurant.

She posted a message on the Fort Worth Foodie Facebook group, describing Kenneth’s situation and asking if anyone could recommend the nearest motel, which costs less than $60 a night.

Social media users didn’t recommend a motel but decided to donate money to pay for Kenneth’s extended stay at a good hotel. They also gave the man $2,200 for clothes, groceries, cooking utensils, and a bicycle to get to work.

Kenneth is now saving to buy a car and dreams of one day opening his own cafe or restaurant and buying a house.

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