The mother really wanted to give birth to her daughter. She succeeded for the 11th time

Alexis Brett is a one-of-a-kind mum in the UK. She became the first mom in the country to give birth to ten boys in a row. It happened because Alexis had always dreamed of having a daughter, but fate gave her sons.

She gave birth to them one by one from the age of 18, at 37 she gave birth to the last boy (by the way, they gave him a very unusual name for an Englishman – Rotagaid), l the eldest is now 18 years old.

When she finally accepted the fact that she would not be the mother of a daughter and promised her husband that she was ready to give up on her dream, she was surprised by an unexpected eleventh pregnancy.

Alexis and her husband have long been used to unflattering comments about their family. “A lot of people ask us if the state gives us benefits,” says Alexis. – No, you can’t even apply for benefits. David has a good job, he is a train conductor.

Being a mom of 11 isn’t easy. But the boys are grown up now and help their mother with almost everything. « Of course, life is not always a long calm river.

Sometimes David and I look at each other wondering what we did, and why we had so many children, but the fatigue passes quickly. The happiness of having children around you is worth all that.

It would seem, what are the unflattering comments that Alexis is talking about? After all, if a family is happy and does not interfere with anyone’s happiness, what judgment can there be? It turns out that some people found fault with someone else’s family.

« If she wanted a girl, what was stopping her from adopting a child after two or three boys? If everyone has 11 children each, the overpopulation of the planet is over. » « Poor Dad. Looks like he lost his will to live about four kids ago. The kids drained him of his life. »

« I realize I have no right to judge them, but I still have the right to shake my head at this madness! » « Having so many children in today’s world is just ridiculous. »

And while the people were divided into a condemnation camp and a congratulations camp, there were also those with a sense of humor who observed, « Guys, it’s the Eleventh! call it that, » they joked, referring to the main character from the TV series Stranger Things.

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