« Once upon a time there was a cat » – the story of a stray cat who found a home, love, and a fashionable wardrobe.

Dusya the cat has been living in a hair salon in Nizhny Tagil for several years now. The story of its appearance is quite remarkable. For a time she lived with poor landlords and periodically went for walks to find food.

One of the places where she was welcomed is Catherine’s hair salon. The cat came for help while waiting for her offspring. Apparently, Dusya understood with her feline spirit that there was no better woman to understand her and help her in a difficult situation. So she came. And so she stayed here.

The owner and employees of the barbershop took the most active part in the fate of Dusya. They cured her, fattened her up, sterilized her. The kittens were adopted by caring hands.

Now the cat lives there permanently. The whole county knows this cat with an unusual fate. Especially since Dusya is known not only for her life story but also as a fashionista.

The salon staff like to dress the cat up, but they are very relaxed about it. Dusya has sweaters, dresses, carnival costumes, and even a leather jacket. One night there was a fire in the basement under the hair salon, which smoky the apartments above.

The tenants knew that a cat was living in the hairdresser’s shop and, with the help of the hairdresser’s social media page, tracked down the cat’s owner and called her to rescue Dusya. The cat ended up breathing in the fumes but was rescued.

Another time the children took the cat out of the hair salon to play with him. Fortunately, Dusya, who was in an unknown location, was recognized by a passerby, a local janitor, who brought her safely back to her place of residence.

The calm and friendly cat has become a special calling card of the hair salon. She has been the subject of numerous articles and videos in the local media. After one of the stories was published on the chat, puzzled comments appeared online: « Everyone loves him, but they don’t want to take him home… ».

The explanation turned out to be very simple. Dusya has led a wandering life for a long time, so she is not used to living in a locked apartment. She has long been « a cat that walks by herself ».

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