Rescuers don striped uniforms to care for orphaned foal

Workers from the Kenya Wildlife Service help a foal that was left without a mother. The rescuers wear stripes imitating the fur of a zebra so that the foal is not frightened and does not feel alone.

In February 2020, the colt arrived at a shelter in Kenya. Dirija’s herd was attacked by a lion, killing her mother. The frightened cub, trying to escape, ran to a local ranch where he encountered a herd of goats.

After the foal is born, the mother goat completely separates it from the herd. The foal is totally dependent on his mother and never leaves her. The newborn foal and its mother have no contact with the herd for several days, making them easy prey for predators.

The breeder who discovered Dirija contacted the nature protection service and entrusted the foal to specialists. Breeders had to find a way to replace the orphan foal with its mother so that it could grow fully and return to the herd.

No zebra has the same pattern of stripes, so they can be distinguished from each other by exactly these stripes. To prevent the foal from being intimidated by people, the workers wear striped uniforms.

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