Pensioner makes his young rivals feel uncomfortable by doing weight training at the gym

An 83-year-old pensioner from Northern Ireland, Ernest Tuff, has proven to be a source of sensitivity for many young lifters, despite his advanced age.

The grandfather is the Northern Ireland record holder in the deadlift with a weight of 220 kilograms, and he also holds the record in the bench press with a weight of 100 kilograms. The elderly strongman also set records in the discus, hammer, and kettlebell throw in 2019.

The man has been practicing the sport since his youth, but only took up powerlifting in 2014. Ernest usually goes to the gym three times a week, but now, due to quarantine, he doesn’t have this possibility.

Now, instead of the gym, I train at home with elastic, light, and heavy bands. I also go outside to practice throwing, – Ernest told News Letter. The elderly athlete is very picky about food. He mainly eats white meat, fish, vegetables, and rice.

He avoids eating bread, pasta, alcohol, and milk, but sometimes eats cheese and butter. Ernest is firmly opposed to all doping and supplements used for sports performance. Some other surprising facts from the life of the retired powerlifter.

For 15 years he lived in Burkina Faso as a member of a Christian mission and worked as a pastor in the Irish town of Cuthill. Now he continues to preach.

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