Several puppies were found not far from the garden plot. They stayed out in the cold all day but managed to survive

There is injustice in the world. It is an unfortunate situation in which we find ourselves. But, often, this injustice does not end badly for us. As they say: we can live.

But not everyone can get out of injustice. For example, this situation happened to a puppy that was thrown into a box in the cold. It was a terrible situation, from which there seemed to be no way out.

This box was found not far from the dacha cooperative, where enough people lived, so it is impossible to determine who is the author. It is frightening to think who could do such a thing to living creatures that were literally left to await their fate.

But for every bad person, there’s a good one, and that can only make you happy. These seven puppies were found by kind people who decided they couldn’t leave them out in the cold. They took them home.

It is clear that few people can afford to keep 7 puppies, but the main thing, in this case, is to help them get out of such terrible conditions. And these people did what any conscientious person would do.

Later, the puppies began to be distributed in caring hands to those who really wanted to make the life of these little creatures better than it was before. Now they are always given away, it’s not a quick deal. But a few puppies have found their owners.

The puppies have already received all the necessary vaccinations and they are in perfect health. It is impossible to imagine anyone being so cynical and cold in the face of the horror they created with their own hands.

I hope the puppies find their new home and the people who helped them are happy. Who, if not a human being, would help poor animals in distress? That’s right, nobody. Remember this if you find yourself in a similar situation.

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