A woman saved a swarm of swans by taking them to her winter quarters

This touching story took place in the village of « Muromtsy », the « Pskov » region. A woman named « Lyudmila » took in a family of frozen swans. The birds could not fly in the fall, because their chicks were born late and they were still very weak for a long flight.

The whole swan family stayed on the pond for the winter. The first months of winter were relatively mild for the time, but in February winter set in and was very cold. The water began to be covered with ice and the birds had no choice but to leave towards the village.

Residents began feeding the swan family and negotiated with zoo management to take the birds. But they declined due to low funding.

A resident of the village « Lyudmila », who is engaged in a catering business in the nearby town of « Ostrov », took pity on the feathered family and took them to his house. Seven swans were housed in an insulated greenhouse with poultry, as there was plenty of space.

The graceful feathered “guests” are well fed, they even managed to gain weight while living with the savior. The woman said she would keep the swans until they wanted to fly away.

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