The dog looks at 101 Dalmatians: Then he does something extremely curious

German Shepherd Daisy has gone viral on TikTok for attracting a lot of attention with her odd behavior. The video went online on the account last Sunday.

It shows: The two-and-a-half-year-old fur nose is standing in front of a flat-screen from 1961. In the scene Daisy is watching, the cheeky Dalmatian Pongo has just stolen his master Roger’s hat.

When the Dalmatian has the hat between his teeth, he starts shaking it wildly. Was Daisy just waiting for this moment? As soon as Pongo shakes his stolen goods, she does the same – seems to be reenacting the scene with a rubber bottle in her snout.

Especially funny: as soon as Pongo stops with the nonsense, Daisy takes a break too. When the cartoon dog goes wild again soon after, the real shepherd dog follows him again.

The theory that the animal viewer is really playing along with the film is bolstered by her mistress’ comment, « Oh! You know, just hang out with Pongo. »

1.7 million TikTok users have taken a look at the short film so far, and since then almost 150,000 of them have liked it. But did viewers think Daisy was acting out the scene or did they think it was a coincidence?

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