The dog took the kitten as its baby because it was the same color as its

The dog took the kitten as her baby because he was the same color as her. The kitten was found on the street by people and taken to a nearby shelter. At the shelter, a young girl named Keithley immediately examined the kitten and began feeding him a bottle of milk.

The kitten weighed less than it should at its age, so the first thing she did was fatten it up and warm it in her arms. Her eyes and nose were also inflamed, and she had to take antibiotics to cure them.

As soon as the kitten regained its strength, he began to ask the shelter staff for attention, he liked to be hugged and stroked behind the ear. One day, Keithley decided to introduce the kitten to her dog, Gracie.

Keithley wasn’t even worried about how the introduction would go, she was sure her dog was very smart and would adopt the kitten in a very friendly way, and he did. Gracie accepted the kitten as her baby since it was the same color.

Gracie approached the kitten, sniffing it, then hugged it with her paw. Wherever the kitten went, Gracie walked beside him and guarded him. They also liked to sleep together, Gracie lay down and the kitten snuggled under her belly, then they slept together.

Of course, Keithley kept the kitten, because her dog had grown attached to it and mistook it for her baby.

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