The dog turned the naughty cat into a cute plush

A kitten named Betty had no chance of being ‘adopted’ when she arrived at Jelly’s Place in California. When people passed near her cage, she got angry and whistled.

In order to do something to change the cat’s behavior, the staff at the center phoned zoopsychologist Kendal Benken, who took him home for a while. « No one could touch Betty. She had probably never been in his arms. » – Kendal explained the cat’s behavior.

At Kendal’s, the cat continued to hiss and pounce on anything that moves. To make Betty more comfortable, the woman placed her in a pen with food, water, a cozy house to hide in, and a litter box.

Wild Betty was particularly fond of Labrador Truvia, who has always had a thing for little kittens. « I think when she interacts with the kittens, she imagines herself to be some kind of mother cat. » – Kendal told The Dodo.

Truvia started spending time with the little cat every day. He went from being a little demon to being a cute little fluffy thing. « Betty started climbing on Truvie and sleeping on her. The dog was scared to move because she knew she had a cat on her. It was so cute. » – shared the animal psychologist.

With the kitty’s rehabilitation completed, Kendal began looking for a forever home for her. It took a long time, but the woman eventually found the right « mother » for the cat – Roz Westil.

It took Betty a few weeks to get used to her new owner and her cat Amber, but she eventually grew into a very affectionate, playful, and friendly animal.

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