The friendship of a smiling dog and an angry cat thrilled the net

The owner of Kasper the Samoyed and Romeo the cat from Christchurch, New Zealand loves taking photos of her pets and sharing them on Instagram.

To do this, she created her own account, the number of followers of which is growing rapidly. What draws fans to the couple is that they are very different. Casper is still smiling, while Romeo looks angry.

That said, they are still inseparable. The best friends have been on many road trips and also visited famous tourist spots together. The owner said that before Romeo came to their house, she had always wanted a cat, but was unsure of Kasper’s reaction.

« I took Casper to meet her and he was very sweet and kind to her. After that, we decided to look for our dream cat…Now they can’t live without one the other, » – shared the owner.

According to the woman, at first, Casper seemed so big and sweet, but the dog was very nice to him. « He would approach Romeo and sniff him, and if Romeo was scared, he would walk away carefully, » she recalled.

« Romeo is the king in the house, but he always secretly follows Casper everywhere, trying to get his attention. Romeo has the temperament of a dog and Casper that of a cat, » the pet owner said. She adds that Romeo looks angry but is actually the sweetest cat she has ever met.

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