The lioness lost her cubs but was able to overcome her grief by sheltering a small antelope

American photographer « Gordon Donovan » observed a very unusual picture in the wilderness for two hours. it is located on the territory of the state of « Namibia », he watched the pride of lions for two weeks.

« Donovan » knew from the guides that something had happened in the lion community. The youngest animal chased the old chief, and he eliminated all the little ones that were of his rival.

In December last year, « Donovan » noticed that one of the lionesses who had lost her cub had a tiny antelope in her paws. At first, the photographer did not pay attention to this. In addition, this type of antelope is included in the daily diet of lions.

So, at first, the man didn’t notice anything surprising. But then he saw that the lioness behaved in a strange way with her prey. It seems that she had no intention of eating this animal.

« I didn’t expect anything except now that the lioness will feast on a little antelope, but instead she started acting like a caring mother, » Donovan told The Lioness. She helped him stand on his hooves, pushing him with her paw.

But nothing terrible happened. Two other inhabitants, noticing the food in the paws of this lioness, walked towards her with the obvious intention. But she did not allow her sisters to approach her and the antelope.

She hugged the little one and watched vigilantly that no one approached her. How the out-of-species adoption ended is unknown. Two hours later, the photographer was forced to return to his camp. Maybe the lioness let go of the frightened antelope.

Maybe maternal instincts jumped into the big cat, which turned out to be stronger than hunger pangs.

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