The owner of the dog brings home a kitten

On the TikToker « talesofarlo » page, dog lovers have been able to follow the life of Australian Shepherd Arlo for around a year and a half. From puppies to young animals to permanent members of the family – the cute dog has seen a lot. Now he has a new best friend.

Arlo’s master can be seen bringing home some motherless foster kittens in a viral video. Set to a touching « Let Her Go » version by Jasmine Thompson, the recording shows the dog getting to know the little kitties.

Both sides are still a bit reserved in the first clip – after all, the kittens are probably just 20 centimeters tall. But it quickly becomes clear: the dog and the kitten get along well and are getting closer and closer.

Arlo can be seen lovingly licking and cuddling his little friends. His owner admits, « I wasn’t prepared for how much he would love her. » This was the sixth time the family had taken in foster kittens.

But the more than 40 kitties were always given back, after all, there were already two cats living in the household – and Arlo! But that all changed with little Maple. « The two are now best friends and inseparable. That makes my heart so happy, » Arlo’s master wrote in the video.

Maple also seems to get along well with the older cats. In the meantime – just like Arlo – she has long since become an indispensable part of the animal-loving family.

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