The squirrel ate too much

A small gray squirrel went in search of food in the English port town of Hartlepool in early November.

The stomach growled and the animal became more and more greedy by the second. So when she came across a birdseed container filled with nuts, she couldn’t believe her luck.

Excited, the little rodent began to climb into the cage and stuffed its stomach so much that it finally had trouble getting out on its own. Luckily, shortly afterward, a passer-by noticed the helpless gray squirrel and immediately got help.

« This greedy fellow must have walked in, even though it’s a squirrel-proof container – and obviously stuffed himself so much he couldn’t get out, » said the RSPCA’s Ruth Thomas-Coxon.

The animal was finally freed from its predicament with the help of pliers and then ran away excitedly – ​​and fortunately unharmed.

The animal organization published a video of the extraordinary rescue operation on Facebook and once again assured that apart from the rodent’s pride, nothing and nobody was injured.

« You are great and I will always support your work, » wrote one user enthusiastically, and another added enthusiastically: « Such a sweet little guy. What would we do without you! »

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