The world’s first septuplets have already grown up

« Bobby and Kenny McCaughey » had seven children at once. The septuplets are an absolute miracle, especially considering that all seven survived. Now they are adults and are beginning to build their own lives.

How did a family have so many children at the same time? Their parents already had a daughter, « Michaela », but dreamed of a second child. After unsuccessful attempts, they opted for IVF.

Seven transplanted embryos took root, and the couple, contrary to doctors’ advice, refused to get rid of any of the future babies.

Immediately after the birth of the children, the « McCaughey » family gained incredible popularity, attracted media attention, and received a large number of gifts from various charitable organizations:

child care services, a year’s supply of macaroni and cheese, a big spacious house, an RV, and hundreds of packs of diapers. In addition, their friends from the religious community assigned more than 30 volunteers who provided all possible assistance for 4-5 hours a day.

All of this was very useful to « Kenny » and « Bobby » because their children passed more than 50 diapers a day and drank more than 40 bottles of milk.

Gradually, press interest died down and the family began to adjust to an independent life without outside help. About $400 was spent on food and they had to save on everything.

The seven children have all succeeded: they have studied well, helped each other, and even have a small income. Today, the fate of the septuplets is also going well. they took advantage of free lessons from « Hannibal Lagrange University ».

« Alexis » and « Kenny » chose local college, while « Brandon » chose military service. « Kenny Jr. » dreams of becoming a construction worker, and « Alexis » has chosen the profession of teacher.

« Kelsey » dreams of building a musical career, « Natalie » plans to teach elementary school children, « Nathan » is a future computer scientist and  » Joël » also decided to learn to program.

When all the children have started an independent life and left home, the parents admit that they worry even more for their children. « Kenny » and « Bobby » have to get used to living without their eldest daughter and their seven-year-old son.

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