There was a struggling kitten in the river – the girl did not hesitate to help him.

An incredible story once happened in St. Petersburg, a vivid example of the invincibility of Russians and the fact that many will stop at nothing to help someone in difficulty.

It was a cold, overcast fall in St. Petersburg. A girl was walking along the Fontanka quay.  If you don’t know, the banks of the river are covered in granite, and if by some miracle you got there, it would be difficult to get out, even for a human, let alone an animal.

And that day an animal got into the water – the girl saw something small and black wading through the water. She did not hesitate to rush into the river and pull out the barely alive little piece – a little cat.

After saving the animal, the girl, like all true heroes should, without publicity for their exploits, simply walked away. It turned out that the cat was around 2 years old and was not seriously injured in the incident.

At the time, no one could have imagined that this sweet and kind little cat, named Pula, would stay at the shelter for many, many years. I don’t know why, but no one took the cat away. And even the fact that she sang wonderful songs to visitors to the shelter did not touch their hearts.

Over the years, hope that she would ever find a home has faded. The shelter workers got so used to her that they couldn’t imagine life without her. But refuge is a refuge; it will never replace a real home with a beloved owner.

Six years later, when she was eight years old, Pula finally found a new owner. She went to see a woman named Irina. The cat quickly got used to the house and the woman, but it took him a long time to establish a relationship with the owner’s husband.

However, things eventually worked out and Pula now has people who love her, a warm home, plenty of food, and even her own big climbing area to play in. Sad that the poor beast suffered such a fate, and sad that she had to wait so long for her happiness, but better late than never.

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