This library is home to hundreds of night workers who protect old books

The Juanina Library in Portugal employs highly unusual night workers to protect old books and manuscripts from insects. So they are bats.

An entire colony of flying library workers sleep behind the bookshelves during the day and come out of hiding at night to hunt the bugs that don’t hesitate to gorge themselves on priceless old folios and manuscripts.

Also, after eating a hearty breakfast, then mice fly out of open windows and enjoy the cool night air. Also, they never bother library visitors, although some would like to see the unusual bookends.

To clean up the mess pets may leave behind, staff cover furniture with leather sheets each evening and mop floors early in the morning before opening. Staff view the mess the mice cause as a small price to pay for what they do for the library, writes Odditycentral.

No one knows exactly when a colony of bats began to live in Juanina, but it is assumed that they took up residence in the library just after it opened several hundred years ago.

It’s really like a phenomenon, you can read and learn new things all the time. It should be noted that books have very strong protection.

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