Two close friends reunite after 70 years apart

Marion Darbyshire and Winnie Shaw from the UK became friends many years ago when they worked together six days a week in a factory. But when Winnie quit her job and got married, they lost touch and haven’t seen each other for over 70 years.

It’s not long since the two elderly women found each other. It wasn’t social media that helped them do that. Marion and Winnie moved into the same nursing home and couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw each other.

« I couldn’t believe it when we sat down at the same table at lunch. I asked, ‘Is that Vinnie Shaw?’
– said Marion.

She felt very lonely at home and didn’t even have the energy to go out. The woman had to rely on her nephews to bring her everything she needed. Today Marion is happier than ever because she can once again spend time with a close friend.

« We had lost touch and never saw each other again until we met here. I am very happy that we are together now and can reminisce about the good old days. How nice to have a friend. » – said Winnie.

The staff of the retirement home were very moved by this event. They said the women have a great time together and always participate in activities with the other residents.

It’s wonderful that they’ve found each other after all these years, and now they’re not alone.

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