Taco jumped around the apartment as Vanora took her first steps

Speaking to the animal portal The Dodo, Claudia Hughes recounted the first few days after bringing her little daughter home from the hospital.

« When we put her on the floor or in our bed, Taco would just lay down next to her, » she said, smiling. « If we woke up in the middle of the night to feed them, he was with us right away. »

Taco was there from day one and always kept an eye on his little friend. And because he’s so attentive to Vanora, he never misses a moment when this little creature slowly begins to understand the world.

No wonder the retriever was overjoyed when the little girl learned to take her first steps with a baby walker. « He was very excited, » Hughes recalled. He immediately jumped through the apartment and wagged his tail while the child wobbled around the room, giggling.

As soon as Vanora took the first steps all by himself, the dog went completely nuts. In a video that Hughes published on her TikTok account, the furry friend can be seen racing excitedly through the living room and jumping around on the couch, circling enthusiastically.

« Taco ran over to her and licked her face, then he ran back and came back to lick her again, » the proud mom says with a smile. One thing’s clear, Taco and Vanora are best friends—and that gets to be so fast don’t change anything.

« We felt immediately that he was the right dog for our family and that he could be good with our future children, » Hughes recalled of the day she met the golden retriever.

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