What to do at home if you feel unwell?

What to do at home when you are bored alone or with friends?

In summer, autumn, spring, and winter, people sometimes have nothing to do at home. People get sick sometimes and have to sit at home all day and think about what to do but lie on the bed.

Sometimes it even happens that people invite a group of their friends and have no idea what to do except to drink beer and other alcoholic abominations.

So what can and should we do when we don’t know what to do if we are bored at home?

1. Read books by prominent and famous people.

Everything is simple, it is natural that almost everyone prefers to watch movies because it is easy and simple, but you have to keep in mind that movies will never be your interlocutors for you, unlike books.

You are at home and you have no one to communicate with, what to do then? Chat with Dostoyevsky, Pushkin, and Tolstoy. It sounds crazy, but nevertheless, you are in communication, what do you prefer the most?

You prefer not to talk, but to listen to various interesting information and learn something new.

So read the memoirs and thoughts of Dostoyevsky, Aristotle, Plato and so on, you don’t need to say anything, since you already know all your thoughts, so find out something new from old writers and philosophers, find out what you knew they are what you don’t know now

Yes, if you have a little pain, invite a friend and put on a medical mask, which will save him from infection. If you are not sick, then even more so in the evening invite a friend and comrades to your house and start talking with food in the kitchen.

Time will pass quickly and pleasantly, so speak truly, remember the past, enjoy the present and think about the future.

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