Wildlife photos to lift your spirits

Comedy photography contest winners: wildlife photos to lift your spirits

Wild animals rarely pose for a human to take a picture of them and run away or show signs of aggression. It’s a bit easier with pets like cats, who can easily cheer you up just by looking at them.

But for an experienced photographer, there are no barriers, and wildlife enthusiasts embark on a real « photo hunt » in search of good shots.

Photographers have to spend a lot of time in fields, forests, and even in water to capture unusual moments in the daily life of animals in order to get a quality shot. Let’s take a look at the images that were selected as winners:

This baby otter doesn’t want to swim, but the mother otter has decided to teach the baby skills useful in adulthood, so she takes him back into the water.

In addition to city pigeons, there are wild pigeons. They live in rocks and small holes in the mountains and make their nests with twigs and feathers. Not so long ago we already told you what carrier pigeons look like and why we do not see them.

Some people feed these birds and adore them, while others see them as a problem in modern cities. The pigeon in the photo sat peacefully and gazed into the distance, but an autumn leaf interrupted this meditative activity.

The best defense is a good offense. We observe a rather rare phenomenon: a white eagle failed in its attempt to capture a field dog (a rodent of the squirrel family), and the latter jumped on the huge bird instead of escaping.

Perhaps the eagle’s seconds of confusion was enough for the rodent to escape into a nearby burrow. The two cubs fought and reared up on their hind legs in an attempt to defeat their opponent. In the background, we see picturesque views of Kamchatka nature.

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