A woman became the « mother » of a duckling

The little duckling was found by a woman named Erin just as it was hatching. She tried to bring the adult duckling back to the nest to meet her other little one.

« I knew the duckling wouldn’t survive the night and my mind wouldn’t let me ignore it. » – Erin said. Erin decided to become a « mom » to the little duckling, whom she named Bea. To raise Bea, the woman made her a cage with a heater, additional lighting, a drinker, and a feeder.

Soon the duck grew stronger and more active, and Erin began to let her out, where she met the other two ducks that lived in the garden « Each day I worked to get Bea to start socializing with Blanche and Dorothy, the other two ducks who live in my garden.

Now when she sees them she happily runs up to them to greet them. » – Erin told Bored Panda. Although Bea enjoys spending time with her companions, she enjoys spending time with her two-legged mother.

She likes to sit in Erin’s hood while she works, plays with her, and sleeps next to her. Although the duck is overgrowing, the woman is not worried.

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