Women want to save dogs in Ukraine

They continue to travel in Ukraine to rescue animals. The « Love Furry Friends » reported on Saturday with a new YouTube video that had it all. In the clip, the animal rights activists report that they were contacted about a dog because it had apparently been left by its owners on the run.

At the beginning of the video, you see a village destroyed by war, through which the women drive. They do not reveal exactly where Love-Furry-Friend-Face Olena and her colleague are.

Most recently, however, the animal rights activists were mostly in the region around Kyiv. When they get to their destination, the surroundings look better. Apparently, the buildings near the dog were not bombed. The pit bull is chained in the garden.

As the women approach, they are speechless, they report. According to the Ukrainians, the dog is said to have had neither food nor water with him. How he survived is a mystery to them. In the Love Furry Friends premises, Toby, as they call him, first gets a large portion of food, which he devours in no time at all.

After that, the anxious four-legged friend is given a muzzle so that he doesn’t start biting during what might be his first bath. The women wash tons of dirt out of the dog’s fur, which turns out to be shiny white. Then it’s off to the vet where Toby will be vaccinated, neutered, and dewormed.

After that, the video jumps forward three weeks. Toby, who has now gained weight, appears healthy and alert. The Love Furry Friends hope that they will find a suitable family for him very soon.

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