A 92-year-old Czech grandmother turned an entire village into a work of art

Age is just the number in the passport. Even in retirement, there is always something to see, especially when you have artistic talent. The story of Czech pensioner Anezhka Kasparkova confirms this.

This amazing woman is already ninety-two years old, but she does not give up her hobby – creating graffiti. Moreover, thanks to him, the Czech woman gained popularity all over the world.

Photos of her work were posted on the Internet, glorifying the Czech grandmother. Anezka says she cannot imagine life without work: whether at home, in the garden, or when creating graffiti.

For forty years now, this resident of the small South Moravian village of Luka has been creating true masterpieces. “I try to help make the world a little more beautiful,” the grandmother said modestly.

As a canvas for his paintings, Anezhka chose the facades of the houses of his native village. Every spring, Grandma takes a brush, paint, and a stepladder and goes to decorate Luka’s buildings.

By the way, she doesn’t call herself an artist. “I just do what I love,” Kashparkova says. All his youth, Anezhka worked in agriculture, but his passion was drawing. Now retired, she has plenty of time for her hobby.

As the grandmother admits, she never thinks about her artwork in advance, she takes ideas from her head. All of them are designed in a special Moravian style, but none of them are like the others.

Despite her frail hands, she manages to decorate every building in the village with intricate ultramarine designs. Another feature that stands out is the floral theme that is present in all of its rooms.

His favorite monument is a small church built at the end of the 18th century. By the way, the pensioner is already the third to devote herself to painting this church. She herself took over the graffiti art of a former rural artist.

Despite her venerable age, the grandmother is not going to retire. Drawings for Luka have become something of a tradition.

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