A bear entered a store in the United States using disinfectant

A bear broke into a US 7-Eleven store and tried to grab something from the shelves. The animal scared the saleswoman, but she was polite enough to hold the door open and even use disinfectant.

A quirky customer from California has shocked social media – he and a terrified woman have become internet stars. What do we know about the bear?

A tilted bear is a brown bear. This species once lived only in the north of the USA climate change has expanded its range. The brown bear is one of the largest predators in the world. These bears are omnivores, so in addition to meat or fish, they can also eat berries, fruits, or nuts.

This bear seemed to be very hungry. Before the animal entered the store, a saleswoman tried to chase it away from the premises of 7-Eleven. The animal spotted the woman and attacked her.

A frightened Rachel managed to hide behind a counter and tried to chase the stubborn bear away. The hawk didn’t give in to the woman’s screams, but entered the shop, held the door open, and began slowly selecting items from the shelves.

Interestingly, the brown bear even activated the sanitizer that was at the entrance – looks like the bear doesn’t want to get sick either.

The woman managed to call the emergency services, who managed to drive the bear away. The animal returned to the store to rummage through the local litter.

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