A cat with special characteristics sensed that its owners did not want it and fled dozens of kilometers from home

The life of an animal with special needs is difficult. You have to take care of them constantly, create special living conditions, buy expensive drugs – few people want to take on this.

Our heroine today is called Molly. The cat looks very different from most pets because it has an extra chromosome. However, apart from a somewhat peculiar appearance, the cat is nothing serious, it just needs a lot of attention, regular walks, and mandatory periodic check-ups at the clinic.

At least, that’s what the veterans say. As his former owners later said, they couldn’t give him all that, they didn’t have the time, energy, or willpower to care for an animal. Feeling that no one wants her, Molly even ran away from home one day and was found by chance twenty kilometers away.

The cat was returned to its owners who immediately took it to a shelter. At the same time, the shelter received a visit from a couple looking for a companion for their cat with almost exactly the same characteristics as Molly.

They fell in love with this special little girl, immediately sang her « song » and, after the obligatory paperwork between the owners and the shelter, she joined her new home.

Contrary to expectations, the first animal in the family, the cat Monty, accepted the animal without much enthusiasm. The owners got the impression that he was jealous because before all the love and attention went to him, he was the center of the universe.

Now he had to share all his privileges with someone he didn’t understand. Of course, he was very offended. But after a few days, the animals got to know each other a little.

It was the middle of the night, but after a while, they fell in love with each other, and now they do a lot of things together, from lying down to having fun playing games.

That’s how unwanted cat Molly found a new home, loving and kind owners, and even the love of her life: kitten Monty.

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