A couple took in abandoned blind squirrels. They have become the cutest pets

The couple could not have children for a long time. They decided to drop the situation and went on vacation. When the couple returned home, they found a live squirrel in their house.

The couple decided to leave the situation on hold for a long time. Our characters did not know what to do in this situation. The question before them was: what to do with uninvited guests or new tenants?

It turned out that the previous nest had been destroyed due to urban construction, and the animal was desperately looking for a place to settle. Specialists tried to reunite the mother and her young, but the squirrel was so eager to find a new nesting place that he forgot about his squirrels.

She ended up not coming back to the same place again. It was not possible to place these babies in a zoo. The vet examined the babies and came to the conclusion that the squirrels would not survive on their own in the wild. The couple decided to keep the squirrels. They called them Gerda and Kai.

The squirrels have grown; they turned out to be amazing pets. Squirrels like to hang out with their toys, eat candy, and try on different outfits. And it looks like Kai and Gerda are very happy. Two years later they have the long-awaited heir – a son.

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