A feathered talent

Yes, a parrot proves that birds can be artists too. Talented artists have always existed, even before the invention of paints and brushes. Of course, most of them were humans.

But a week ago, an African gray parrot or Jaco parrot, called Echo proved that not only humans and some other mammals can paint well, but also birds. Echo learned to draw thanks to the staff at the Maryland Zoo, where she lives. Even if the bird has no hands.

He is very good at drawing. Echo creates her images with a small sponge soaked in paint that she holds in her beak. The feathered artist holds the sponge against a sheet of paper and wiggles it all over the place. When the bird finishes its painting, it receives a treat and congratulations.

« Drawing is an excellent developmental activity that stimulates Echo’s mental activity and allows her to actively use her abilities. Sometimes she creates real masterpieces. » – Zoo staff said. drawing lessons with Echo so she can improve her skills and grow, writes UPI.

« Yes, there are talented animals. This bird proves it. It should be noted that it smells colors, it creates fantastic works of art. » Add an art specialist.

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