A frightened dog slept directly on garbage bags

A scruffy, unassuming dog was sleeping on trash bags when people noticed him. The poor beast lived there for a long time and collected the waste, she looked very sad.

A resident of Puerto Rico, Heather Martin, accidentally discovered the dog’s existence. The poor scruffy, scared beast was spotted among the trash bags, foraging for food and sleeping on the bags. Fortunately, she was reported to local rescuers, who found, fed, and rescued her.

Her name was Stella and she was about a year old. When Heather discovered the dog and saw photos of him, she immediately fell in love with this sweet creature. She and her husband were about to get a dog and were fascinated by Stella.

The couple knew the poor beast still needed treatment. « She was abandoned in a landfill and miraculously survived, spending every day there picking up whatever remains she could find. She was found to have severe scabies, parasites, and fleas. She was very thin “, said Heather.

When shelter staff treated Stella, the new owners were allowed to take her away. Heather and her husband were happy and welcomed Stella into their family. After a while, the pooch changed drastically. Her new family gives her so much love and care that she is now unrecognizable!

The once frightened dog has become a real beauty, full of life. Plus, her owners recently took in another dog from the shelter – and now Stella isn’t bored at all. Thank you for your good deed!

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