A girl came to the shelter and asked to be given the oldest and sickest dog

When people think of a pet, they often imagine a young, healthy, and beautiful animal. But when they see an old and sick person, they involuntarily look away.

Tofu is such a dog. He is 14 now. He lived in a shelter for 10 years. The tofu has gone blind. We had to remove a leg from him because of cancer. In short, these dogs are very rare to have left the shelter. But in his old age, Tofu got his lucky ticket.

One day a girl came to the shelter. She asked to see the dog least likely to find a new home. The staff naturally showed him some Tofu. Danila spoke to her husband and together they decided to remove Tofu from the shelter.

Tofu has had a tough life. When he was four years old, he was rescued from a family that didn’t love him and treated him badly. He stayed at the shelter for ten years. He lacked affection, love, and care.

And the dog was going to meet there for the rest of his life, not hoping that things could change. Tofu is her fifth dog. It was the kind of dog the girl wanted – old, sick – who just wouldn’t have the chance to have a happy life.

She knew she could give him her love, care, and affection. She didn’t care about her appearance or her age. She just wanted this dog to get used to her new home surprisingly fast.

He learned to walk without bumping into objects. He behaves calmly and measuredly. Tofu is a very kind and affectionate dog. « Any dog, regardless of age or health, can give so much love, care, and affection! Anyone would be lucky to have a dog like Tofu » (Danila Molinari)

« If you ever want a dog, consider getting one from a shelter. Maybe even consider giving other dogs like Tofu a chance. » (Danila Molinari)

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