A guy brought his dog to a girl’s house to test his character

When Paul picked up the pup from the street, he had no idea that this adorable creature would bring him a lot of trouble. Dash was docile at first, but when he got the hang of it, he started trashing the apartment.

Soon there was nothing left in the apartment that Dash couldn’t sink his teeth into. Now its owner couldn’t even leave a glass of water on the coffee table, as Dash was sure to knock it over with his constantly wagging tail. In short, it was not a dog, but a ball of destructive energy.

When Paul met Tiffany Pond, he knew immediately that she was the girl of his dreams. Smart, beautiful, and a dog lover (Tiffany had an old dog named Charlie), Paul is fascinated by her.

He was ready to propose to her, but he decided to introduce Tiffany to Dash and see what would happen because that dog would piss off even the most angelic of souls.

At the appointed time, Paul and Dash showed up on Tiffany’s doorstep. Their dogs got to know each other enthusiastically and started playing, and when Dash grew tired of old Charlie’s overactivity, Tiffany suggested they let him out to run on the patio.

Paul had warned the young girl about her pet’s destructive tendencies, but Tiffany had assumed he couldn’t do a mess on the patio; there was nothing but a dysfunctional little fountain. As it turned out later, the girl had greatly underestimated Dash’s abilities.

When the young people went out into the yard to retrieve the dog, everything was upside down. In no time, Dash had been chewing through the artificial grass floor, shredding his litter, digging holes in the sand, and chewing through the pipes that supplied the fountain with water.

Despite the destruction, the dog did not feel guilty at all and greeted his master and his girlfriend with joy, showing with all his might how much he loved them both.

When Tiffany saw how much her little garden had changed, she just laughed in surprise, then remarked that Dash was just an active pup who needed some good training. Delighted with her positive response, Paul immediately asked Tiffany to become his wife, and they were soon married.

Now they all live together, and Tiffany treats Dash leniently like he’s a big baby. She says she’s been through a lot with her dog Charlie in the past, but they’re fine now, and Dash will probably be the same – he just needs to grow up and get wise.

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