A homeless dog has found a new owner

Recently, there have been a lot of stray animals on city streets. They can be divided into two types. One of them is the so-called « lost ». The others were born and raised on the streets. The former can be returned to their owners or adopted.

But it is not sure to bring the latter home. They are not used to living with people under the same roof. If it’s a puppy, there’s still a chance, but an adult should only be sent to a kennel.

Each purebred dog that ends up on the street has a different fate. Most animals end up on the streets as adults. There are lucky people who have found a real family. It’s a ruthless world out there. Animals that end up in good hands are transformed above all by the love, care and kindness of their owners.

This husky found himself on the streets of the city at an advanced age. When concerned citizens brought the animal to the vet, it was in serious condition. The dog was very weak. Thanks to the experienced specialists, the animal was on the way to recovery. The dog was only two years old.

A concerned citizen paid for the dog’s treatment and helped find new owners. The Husky got a new name, and now he’s called Shaun. The dog has transformed, he has become a real beauty. But not everyone is as lucky as Sean.

The only solution would be to build huge shelters and capture all the stray animals in the streets, sterilize them and give them to good people. You know it’s impossible. Much depends on a person’s education. We must remember that we are responsible for those we have tamed.

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