A little dog saved his owners from big trouble

Dog behavior sometimes seems odd to owners, when it actually has a reasonable explanation. In some situations, it is best to trust a dog, as they undoubtedly want the best for their masters. This is the case of the little dog Luke, who managed to save his masters from injury or even death.

Luke, a 5-year-old Russell Terrier mix, was found by Mike and Colleen Petroskey in Kingston, PA. At first he was not a beautiful dog, with tangles, thinness, and dental problems. His new owners took care of him, however, and it didn’t take long for Luke to put on weight and forget his old wanderer life.

They often walked together and one day Luke had the opportunity to thank his owners for their kindness. That April day, as usual, the couple went out for a walk with Luke. It was hot and they decided to eat ice cream.

As they waited in line at the kiosk, they failed to see that there had been a traffic accident behind them, causing the SUV to lose control of the roadway. The car would have hit Petroskey if it hadn’t been for Luke. He began to bark and lead his owners away from danger.

Luke was ripping off the leash so hard that Mike had to turn around. He then told reporters he barely had time to grab his wife’s arm and run to safety.

The couple thanked their pet for saving their lives and bought them all the tastiest things. Since then, they believe that it was fate that sent them this dog. If they had walked past the stray dog ​​and not picked it up, who knows if they might have escaped danger afterward?

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