A man and a woman walking through the woods found rusty tin cans, what they contained made them millionaires

When you walk around, do you often find something interesting under your feet? Did you look for something in the grass or in the bushes? Hardly, but it’s for nothing. This can be confirmed by a unique case that has recently come to light.

An ordinary couple, a very ordinary man and a woman went for a walk with their dogs, taking the path to the forest. One of the animals showed interest in a rather unremarkable pot placed near a tree. The jar was almost half submerged in clay.

The animal’s owners decided to investigate the find and pulled it out of the clay. The object turned out to be quite heavy, but relatively small in size.

Imagine the surprise in their eyes when they realized it wasn’t just a can of fish or stew that had been thrown away as trash, but a barrel whose contents remained a mystery. Shaking the box a little, they heard a clicking noise.

The couple took the find home to open it later with a special tool. The content turned out to be simply stunning. The entire interior was filled with coins. After such a unique discovery, the couple immediately set out to find a metal detector.

Fortunately, they quickly found a rental store for this type of equipment. They took him to where they had just walked their animals. Before long, they unearthed two more such jars from the same spot, all filled with coins.

The treasure hunters rushed to the relevant authorities to document their right to use the find. Otherwise, without the special paperwork, there would have been trouble with the law, and instead of profits, they would have paid a pretty penny in fines.

The experts carried out a thorough check and it turned out that the « treasure » candidates had benefited from a considerable increase in their personal budget. The pieces date from the end of the 19th century. Almost all of them were gold-based, but the weight of the find was not factored into the valuation.

Some coins were valued at five zeros. After many interviews and signing stacks of paperwork, the most ordinary dog ​​breeders got richer by more than $10 million.

Think: $10 million, and what happens if you convert it to rubles? After such articles, I think many lovers of four-legged family members will pay more attention to what they dig up on the stretches of coasts, forests, etc.

It is very encouraging to see that national governments, as well as specialists in fields such as archeology and history, are thanking these people. Their results are sometimes of considerable value, not only for a people or culture but also for countries and even for the whole world.

An ordinary 19th-century coin can shed light on certain moments in history, the technology used in minting, or trade relations between different nations, cities, and states.

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