A man came home and found a cat in his chair, but he had never had a pet

When we are in a hurry, we tend to make mistakes. It is not for nothing that we say: « You don’t care about haste ». A man named Nigel, from San Diego woke up too late in the morning and was getting ready to go to work. He forgot to close the window before leaving, which led to what this led to.

In the evening, Nigel came home and at first did not notice anything unusual: everything was there as usual. However, when he entered the room, there was a cat sitting comfortably in his chair. He looked at him in surprise but did not run away, although he started meowing.

Nigel said he was shocked to say the least and did not immediately understand what the intruder was like. enter the house. It was only later that the man noticed that the window was ajar.

Anyway, the first thing Nigel did was run to the nearest store to buy the cat something to eat. Immediately, Nigel ate his meal gratefully. The second action taken by the man was to ask all the neighbors in the immediate vicinity. They knew nothing about the cat and had never seen him before.

The cat spent the night at Nigel’s and in the morning they went to the vet. The animal was checked for fleas, but there were none, meaning the cat was probably stray.

The dog received the necessary vaccinations and left with the man. It was then that Nigel realized he was now the proud owner of his own cat. Nigel told him that the cat quickly got comfortable. He named his cat Gato, which can be translated as « cat », but he also sometimes calls him Buddy.

This is a double name for the animal. The cat is affectionate and loves to sit on Nigel, but sometimes he gets angry and causes a real mess in the house. Nigel is very grateful for this donation. “With these words, the man ended his very cute story about the cat who decided to find an owner himself.

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