A man rescues a dog from being bitten, then finds he has rescued up to seven dogs

A sad story with a happy ending happened in the United States. A dog has been admitted to an unlimited animal shelter. According to state laws, in these shelters, the animal is given a certain time to find a new owner, but if it does not find one, it is put to sleep.

A man named Nicholas, browsing the news, came across a foster placement ad and learned that the dog was already on the waiting list to be bitten. He hadn’t thought about getting a pet, but for some reason, he couldn’t get it out of his head.

After a few days of reflection, he went to the pound and arrived there at the very last moment. He took Emma (as the dog was called), hoping to get a temporary placement, but after a few days he realized that he could not part with the girl, and fate had brought them together.

A few days later, he learned that Emma had rescued not one, but seven dogs. After all, Emma had brought her puppies. It turned out that she was pregnant when she arrived at the shelter, but no one knew about it.

As an attentive and responsible owner, Nicholas bought everything he needed for the little ones. Of course, for someone who had never thought about getting a dog before, the news that he now has seven was a little embarrassing.

But local volunteers have promised to help accommodate the little ones when they are older. Emma will be sterilized and will live a long and happy life with her real owner, who spotted and saved her in time.

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